We carry clergy attire and styles that you will not find in stores.


A great thing about our store is we carry a unlimited pieces of each, so you will have a hard time finding it on these attires in department or Christian book stores! We keep a limited amount of clergy collars, cords and crosses.  But, our warehouses will ship directly to you.  

Suits for Men Chorus | Women Suits | Men Suits | Choir Robes| Suits for Small or Large groups

  Official Clergy Class A Vestments for Pastors, Superintendents & Elders |  Bishop Official Class A Vestments

                                                                                                                 Clergy Cords and Crosses | Women Clergy Attire

We can customize any size for groups.    Shipping for most items 3 -5 business days, two day and overnight is available for most areas.   Alaska and Hawaii require more shipping time.